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 Hidden Treasure

Can you remember watching a movie where a hidden treasure chest was discovered?

Slowly opening the chest, all eyes twinkled as precious jewels were revealed…

Only in the movies…right?17332738-open-chest-full-of-gold-coins-on-a-white-background



But what if I told you that inside of you, there is something like a treasure chest?

It’s your thoughts!

Dictionary.com defines treasure as riches that are stored or accumulated.

Of course you can’t open yourself up and deposit anything into the bank, but inside of you there can be great riches.


Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that you are thinking about?


Have you ever considered, “Why do some people see a glass half empty while others see it as half full?”

Do you have a friend, relative or a co-worker that always finds the bad in things?


Could it be a multitude of thoughts stored within oneself that has the potential to persuade a person to draw from in any situation, thus creating a negative or positive perspective into what one is currently experiencing?


In a nutshell, what we choose to dwell on, affects us either positively or negatively. Whether it is the truth or a lie, or a distorted perspective or an overly sensitive person, what we dwell on, is like storing things in a treasure chest.


Each of our treasure chests could be full of jewels or rat invested garbage.


Someone once said that a negative or insecure person has some stinkin’ thinkin’.


Have you ever considered your thoughts as a type of hidden treasure?

No one can see what you are thinking.                                             If they could, what would they see?

Would they see negative, belittling thoughts?                                Or would they see positive excellent thoughts?


Aren’t your thoughts a part of you?

You can be selective on what you choose.

When a thought comes into your mind, it doesn’t have to be stored in your heart for you to dwell on. Check to see if it is true or helpful. The Bible tells us to take every thought captive. Why? Because the mind is a battle field unseen. If there is garbage that needs to go, throw it out!

Don’t you want a hidden treasure full of gems?  I think you deserve the best because God made you something special.


He says that YOU are His treasured possession (Deuteronomy 26:18).

You are a daughter of the King of Kings.

So, feel loved and start collecting your hidden treasure.12359997-pirate-treasure-chest-isolated-on-white

“As a man (male or female) thinks…so he is.” Proverbs 29:18


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