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It was the kind of summer day one longs for in winter.sun

The sparkling sun drew us outdoors.


bikeMy son and I got on our bikes and rode to a nearby forest preserve. bike2



We started exploring ponds looking for frogs.

“Nothing in this one, mom, but maybe the next one…” He gleamed with excitement.


After combing every pond in the forest preserve, my son’s body said it all with his little shoulders and head downcast as he gazed at his empty container.


My son enjoyed the adventure of finding critters he could adopt as pets. But today, he didn’t find anything.


We started to head home. But then suddenly, my son jolted to a stop and jumped off his bike.



Bending down, he scooped up a caterpillar.catipillar He asked, “Can I take him home?”

I said, “Yes.”

I watched as a huge smile melted across his face.

 As he placed the caterpillar in his bug jar, he announced,

“Let’s name him ‘Fuzzy’!”


As we continued our way home, doubt crept into my mind as I remembered a few critters that we’d tried to keep alive  but failed.

Pushing fears aside, we got Fuzzy settled into his new home. Each day we gave him food and water. I was delighted to know that my fears were unmerited this time.


But one night, I glanced into Fuzzy’s cage and cried, “Oh no, Fuzzy isn’t moving!”

My heart was sad.

But since it was late, I decided to wait until the morning to take care of his remains.

The next morning as I was opening Fuzzy’s door, I saw something black lying on the floor of the cage. I looked a little closer to try and see what it was, then out of the corner of my eye, a green object caught my attention.

Looking up to the top of the cage,

green crysalis




I gazed upon a beautiful green chrysalis.

“Fuzzy’s alive!” I exclaimed.



For the next few days, the chrysalis mesmerized us as it changed colors. On the tenth day, Fuzzy emerged as a magnificent monarch butterfly.




Grabbing my camera, I knew I wanted to capture this moment  as my boys let Fuzzy free. bysbtrfly

Slowly my oldest son reached into the cage to lift Fuzzy out.  Both of my boys’ eyes were fixed on Fuzzy. As Derek pulled his hands out of the cage, something magical happened: Fuzzy didn’t fly away.


For just a few seconds, it just stayed happily on Derek’s hand. It was almost as if Fuzzy was saying, “Thanks”, before he flew away.monach hand

I had heard of the miracle of the butterfly, yet to see it with my own eyes I found it to be breathtaking.

As I looked back at Fuzzy’s cage, I stared at the black object still lying on the cage’s floor. Even though it had been a part of Fuzzy, he didn’t need it any more.

And I don’t recall hearing sobs from Fuzzy because of it. Fuzzy was floating through the air enjoying his new thing.

I started to think about my life. Were there times where I held on to something I didn’t need any more, because I was afraid to let it go? Was God telling me to move on to the new thing He had in store for me? Maybe even now He is whispering that to me. One season ends and a new one will begin.

Thinking of seasons, this cold winter weather in Chicago has created a natural chrysalis for our lives. Maybe each of us could utilize this down time to reflect upon where we are and where we are hoping to go. Is there a new thing waiting to be discovered? With it being a start of a new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to ponder, dream or plan for what might be ahead.

Each person is hardwired with talents and gifts. What makes you come alive?

What kind of activities or causes are you passionate about?

You have been given this day, in this generation.

You are not here by accident, but you have a purpose.

You can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

This is your life.

What do you want to do with it?

 What might you regret in ten years if you never tried?

Take advantage of this cold winter season by cocooning yourself. No more excuses or allowing the fear of failure to stop you from trying.

Life is too short to not embrace new things.                                       Are there any little steps you can take to move forward towards what is in your heart?

Can you hone some of your skills?

Think about Fuzzy as a caterpillar and as a butterfly, which of these two would you like to be? crysalis process

As a caterpillar, he walked everywhere. But now as a butterfly, he soars and glides through the air embracing life from many heights with numerous new views. Yet, Fuzzy stopped and was transformed so that he could embrace the new season of his life.

I hope like Fuzzy, your life has many amazing new things!

“Forgetting what lies behind, I press on…” Philippians 3:13



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