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  • Posted on February 3, 2014 at 3:12 PM


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Yesterday, another Super Bowl was added to the record books.  I admit I didn’t know too much about either team, but I love to watch the commercials and half time show. So, my husband, our two boys and I hung out in our basement with lots of scrumptious foods, judging each commercial and watched football as history was being made. It’s the dream of any football player to have the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl; with the hope that each team will bring their best game. Yesterday’s game was extremely lopsided. As far as exciting games, this one scored pretty low. I felt bad for the Broncos.

As the game progressed, I started reading up on the different players. The Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson, in his sophomore year of high school, attended a football camp that was run by the opposing team’s quarterback, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. Also interesting was the fact that the Broncos had been playing with the notion of drafting Russell Wilson for their team. Before the NFL draft following Russell’s senior year of college at Wisconsin, he had the opportunity to meet Peyton Manning on a visit to Denver. But because he was only 5’11”, the Denver Broncos chose not to pick him.

Now, two years later, Russell is playing for the Seattle Seahawks. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in your second year of the NFL and playing in the Super Bowl against your childhood hero? To add to this, you end up playing one of your best games. That is what the record books will show for this Super Bowl for Russell Wilson.

During an interview, Russell shared what his late father had told him, “He used to always tell me ‘Russ, why not you?’ And what that meant was believe in yourself, believe in the talent God has given you even though you are 5-foot-11, and you can go a long ways. That’s why I decided to play football, and I wanted to go against the odds a little bit.”1

Imagine if Russell’s dad had given him all the statistics on the probability of making it to the NFL, let alone the Super Bowl…reality would have killed any dreams of this young man. But instead, his dad gave his son courage. Russell had the mindset of “why not me?”  And he was filled


with determination as well as the faith to believe that God didn’t make a mistake by only letting him be 5’11”. Instead of thinking to himself, “It’s impossible or it will never happen…He thought why not me!” which helped him to believe that he could go after his dreams.

As a mom, I hope to encourage my own boys by saying, “Why not you?” in every area of their lives.

I’m reading a book by T.D. Jakes called “God’s Leading Lady”. In it, he talks about how our lives can become so predictable to the point that we become comfortable on the sidelines of life. As a mom, have I let the demands of the moment quench out my own longings or dreams? Have I eaten the lie that I’m too old or that it’s too late to daydream of what could be? Maybe I need to dust off my goals that were put aside for a time while I dedicated myself to raising my boys.  What if God is saying to me, “Why not you?” Just like a good parent filling their child’s heart with the belief that dreams can come true, I need to remember that God wants to do the same for me and you. I believe each person alive has a purpose, a dream, a reason they are here.

How about you? If you are a mom, aunt or a friend, are you calling out the best in those around you? Are you pouring courage into their lives by helping them see past

the “predictable” for what might be? What if Thomas Edison stopped trying before he successfully created the light bulb? What if Albert Einstein believed his teachers when they said he would never amount to much? What if Nelson Mandela only wanted revenge? Did you know that Walt Disney was let go from his job because he lacked creativity? Dr. Seuss was turned down multiple times for his “Cat in the Hat” book. The list could go on and on.


Who spoke hope into them?

Was it a parent, a spouse, a mentor or God Himself?

Yet each person changed history because they persevered.

It was an inside job.

Wherever you find yourself this day, either being the one to inspire others, or in the need of a little inspiration for yourself, ask yourself or those around you the question, “Why NOT you!”

Dreams were given to each of us in the hopes of becoming a reality. Instead of extinguishing the flames of the future, kindle them; build on them until there’s a mighty fire blazing…One big enough to fan into flame the possibilities for you and others around you. When doubt tries to dampen your future, remember to be bold and say, “Why not me!”


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  1. Cathy says:

    Wonderful blog! I did not know all the details about the personal side of the football game. Kind of makes football a bit more interesting doesn’t it? I have enjoyed reading your blogs – they are inspirational and believe it or not this particular one spoke to me about my current journey. I look forward to reading more of them. You certainly have a “gift”!!

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