Finding (Your) Fabulous

  • Posted on August 7, 2013 at 6:58 PM

Do you consider yourself fabulous?

Keep in mind that fabulous will look different to each person.


For example, today at lunch, I wore a beautiful dress with lots of lace while my sweet friend adorned herself with a pair of bright blue pants and a simple top. We each were content to express our individuality, while at the same time, enjoying our differences. There is a tremendous freedom that takes place when a person is truly at peace with oneself.

I wish I could tell you that I was always that comfortable.  The truth is that I struggled with low self esteem for many years. I worked hard to look like I had it all together, but it was exhausting.

I tried to be the perfect wife…

The perfect mother…

The perfect friend…

I wondered, “What is driving my need to appear perfect?

Was my self-worth determined from how I was perceived by others?”

Looking inside my heart, I had to find my fabulous. By the grace of God, I grasped my significance by learning how to separate my “who” from my “do”. My worth is rooted in that fact that I am a child of God. He loves me just as I am. I still need to “do” things in life, but my significance is separate from what I achieve. I was thankful to find my fabulous.




Recently, fabulous took on new meaning to me that I would like to share with you.

I had the privilege to work alongside the teachers and students of RUCC School in Mthatha, South Africa. I brought my camera to capture this amazing opportunity. As the students, teachers, and I posed for a quick picture, someone would say, “Fabulous!” On cue, we would fling our arms in the air and grin. Although we were from two very different parts of the world, we became fast friends. “Fabulous!” bonded us in a way I could not have expected.


As I watched the students and teachers pose for a picture, I saw “fabulous” in a new light.


It was the ownership of celebrating oneself by being willing to be fully present in the moment. It wasn’t about having a certain figure or wearing the most fashionable clothes.  Instead, it was an expression of delight bubbling up from within each woman or girl.

There was a freedom to be fabulous.


Do you allow yourself to be that free?

Every woman alive has incredible worth.

For everyone reading this blog, I want you to know, “You are truly fabulous!” I hope that truth finds a home within your heart and that you can enjoy being fabulous every day of your life.


6 Comments on Finding (Your) Fabulous

  1. Sandy says:

    My Dear Friend Lori,

    Your humility , honesty and transparency are refreshing. I am so proud of you ! Love your new blog – God is doing FABULOUS things thru you .


  2. Pam says:

    Beautiful writing from my beautiful friend!!

    Love you!!


  3. Janie says:

    You have always been fabulous inside and out! I love your blog!! You are doing amazing things and I can’t wait to hear more!!! Love, Janie

  4. Julie Vogt says:

    L O V E I T ! Simply beautiful! Love, Julie

  5. Stephanie McKay says:

    Very inspirational! You are truly fabulous! Love you,Steph

  6. Jolie Davis says:

    Fabulous, Remarkable, Incredible, Influential….the list can and will go on and on! YOU are truly a blessing and a gift! LOVE your message! Keep on writing girlfriend!!!

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