• Posted on October 12, 2015 at 12:47 PM

This morning as I was sitting out on my deck, I was captivated by all the beautiful fall colors. I grabbed my phone and took a few pictures.


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As I looked at these pictures, I was surprised at the huge differences. Taken moments apart, whatever I determined as the focal point, the camera zoomed in on that part of the picture.

Here I was trying to capture the fall colors, yet by moving the focus to what was closer, I saw something beautiful…my sweet Sophie. It made me wonder if there are times where I have my focus on something far off in the distance and I forget what I have in front of me.sophie cute face

I wonder if I do the same thing in other areas of my life? At night as my husband comes home from a long day at work, do I take the time to see what is in front of me? Does my husband know I still love him after twenty plus years of marriage? Or do I focus on all the things that still need to be done…laundry, dinner, lunch for tomorrow?

Do my boys know how I much I love them, believe in them and want the best for them?

IMG_0094Or do I focus on what they need to have done for school?

Maybe like the lens of a camera that can focus on different things, I need to check my focal points, so I don’t miss out on the great things far off as well as near me.

Late this summer, I was reminded of this when Dave ended up in the ICU for clots on hscott n dave icuis lungs.

I was relieved that Dave was treated and released. A week later, as a family, we traveled to Cabo San Lucas for a family vacation before the new school year began. It was one of the best vacations I have had because my focus wasn’t way off in the distance. Instead each day, I tried to enjoy my husband and my boys.


The night before we left Cabo, there was a tragic event that happened at our resort. Down the hall from our rooms, a man in his fifties had a massive heart attack and died. His wife sat in a wheelchair in shock. All I could think was, “That could have been Dave and me.” Wow, God please don’t let me take anyone or anything for granted. Help me to focus on what really matters. Clean my lenses if they get dirty. Teach me how to love my life and love those around me deeply and unapologetically.


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